Teaching Experience


School of Education (Undergraduate)

Full-Time Instructor, Fall 2018-present
Adjunct Instructor, Fall 2016-Spring 2018

  • Foundations of Education, ED101
    Average course rating: 4.95/5.00
    (Fall 2018)

  • Assessment and Evaluation for Bilingual Learners, ED361
    Average course rating: TBD
    (Spring 2019)

  • Teaching English Learners and Multicultural Issues, ED370
    Average course rating: 4.91/5.00
    (Spring 2016, 2017, 2018; Fall 2016, 2018; Winter 2017, 2018, 2019)

  • Literacy Practicum in Early Childhood Education, ED380
    Average course rating: TBD
    (Spring 2019)

  • Seminar on Teachers as Professionals, ED390
    Average course rating: 4.94/5.00
    (Fall 2017, 2018; Spring 2018; Winter 2019)

  • Seminar on Teacher Certification Exams, ED391
    Average course rating: 4.83/5.00
    (Spring 2017; Fall 2018; Winter 2019)

  • Seminar on Teaching Diverse Student, ED392
    Average course rating: 4.94/5.00
    (Spring 2017, 2019; Fall 2017, 2018)

  • First semester of Student Teaching, ED410
    Co-taught, no rating
    (Fall 2016)

  • Second semester of Student Teaching, ED411
    Co-taught, no rating
    (Winter 2017)

A video I created entitled “Redefining English Language Learners,” which I use in my class on Teaching Emergent Bilinguals and Multicultural Issues.


Steinhardt School of Education (Graduate)

Adjunct Instructor

  • Language and Literacy Acquisition and Development, GE2275
    Average instructor rating: 4.85/5.00
    (Spring 2018)


Pui Kiu Primary School, Hong Kong

English Language Teacher, English Vice-Department Head

  • Taught children in Grades 1-6, focusing on three General English classes and multiple English writing classes per school year

  • Created, monitored and evaluated award-winning writing curriculum to raise intrinsic motivation and foster self-regulated learning

  • Executed administrative decisions in English curriculum and assessment to strengthen teaching and learning

  • Aligned staff professional development workshops to address annual school year goals

Hong Kong Public Television show broadcasting our school’s writing curriculum, which won the Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence.